Go Paperless

You can view your monthly statements on-line. Statements are available to be viewed, downloaded and printed at any time. Once you log into your secured account, simply go to Statements and chose which statements you would like to review. Options include billing, escrow and taxes and insurance statements.

Go Green!

Why not “go green” and cancel the delivery of paper statements? In addition to providing instant online availability, e-statements are:

Secure — Our highly secure sign-in process means that only you can access your statements. And an e-statement will never be delivered to the wrong address—or stolen from your mailbox.

Eco-friendly — Paperless statements help save trees, reduce pollution, and conserve energy.

To choose e-statements only, go to your “Signed in” name and select the drop down menu.

Then select Preferences.

And finally change “Should statements be mailed to you?” to “No, electronic only”.

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